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Jesus Our Advocate and Sacrifice – 1 John 2:2

We have been brought into a close fellowship with the heavenly Father through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We have been given a chance to communion with Him and to become God’s children through faith in Jesus Christ. The first verse in chapter two of the first letter of John, he talked about the reason why he wrote the letter, and it is for us to be reminded not to sin. However, John clearly knows that we are so he wrote that if we sin, we have an advocate which is Jesus Christ. 

God wants us to walk in the light diligently and faithfully but we cannot fully fulfill that for we are in this fallen world. We are subjected to be enticed by the cravings of our flesh and be tempted by everything around us. Our hearts only desire pure evil and delights on the satisfaction sin can offer us. 

Therefore, it is very important for us to keep tabs on what we do and to use the Word of God as our guidelines and the light into this dark world. As God desires us to live our lives like Jesus who is sinless, righteous and perfectly pure we have to fully understand that we can never do this by our own will and strength. 

We have to understand that there is a reason why Jesus is our Advocate because God knows that we need One. God knows that we can never achieve or acquire anything for we are sinful by birth. Jesus knows that without His help, we can never have eternal life. So, as we sin, may we not be discouraged and turn away from God because of it but instead, may we remember that we have an advocate who stands in the middle between the heavenly Father’s wrath and us. 

However, this does not give us the license to sin. Having Jesus as our advocate should not be our license to indulge in sin but should be an encouragement for us to do our best not to sin and to walk away from it. Again, God hates sin and He does not tolerate sin. So as Christians, we must be the first people who deeply understand what God wants us to do. 

It should manifest in our lives the effect of having Jesus as our advocate who saved us from our sins and who shielded us from the wrath of God. We are saved through the death of Jesus Christ so therefore, let us be grateful and received this free gift. We must believe in Him and fully submit to His will for He will then faithfully lay the stones for us to walk. 

We must remember that Jesus became our atoning sacrifice, not only for ours but for the whole world. He became the lamb that we sacrificed in the altar to ask God for forgiveness. He became God’s dumped area of wrath instead of us. 

Therefore, let us not become so confident and complacent about our sinful nature for this will always fight its way back even if we are already born again. The devil will always try to snatch us away from Jesus so that we will suffer with him in the eternal fire. So may we always remember whenever we are in a situation where we want to jump into sin that Jesus died for us and that He already made us clean and new. 

He has already clothed us with His righteousness as He took our crosses. He already made us pure and holy in the sight of God through His blood. As what in the book of Romans said that whenever we sin, we are crucifying Jesus all over again. So may this be our stop signal, remembering what Jesus had to endure for us and making Him do that again is the worst thing we can do. 

Again, let us remember that Jesus loves us so much and it is the reason why He became our Advocate. He became our atoning sacrifice, to save us from our sins, not only us but the whole world. May we not use God’s grace as our license to sin but may we use it as a privilege and a responsibility to tell others about it. 

May the grace of the Lord be with us all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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