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Jesus Died For You – Romans 8:23

“He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?” – Romans 8:32

“What love is this

That You gave Your life for me

And made a way for me to know You.” – Kari Jobe | What Love is This?

The words above are part of the lyrics of a very beautiful song that is called, “What Love is This?” by Kari Jobe. For all the times that we have heard of the Gospel, we always claim it to be boring and repetitive. Even in our reflections, we are always talking about how Jesus died for us and why did He die. However, we have to understand that we should not feel this way, we should not feel familiar with it. Instead, we should always see it as profoundly amazing in a way that no matter how long we are listening and learning about the sacrifice of Jesus, it will always remain profound. Just like the song, indeed, what love is this? 

Our verse today is somewhat the same to the question from the song above mentioned. In the past verses, Paul mentioned a lot of things that proves how much God loves us. Now, no matter how much evidence we have right now, we still doubt that God is for us. Our sinful selves will never grasp the truth about “God is for us, not against us”. So, Paul wrote this rhetorical question to just state the obvious, “He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all— how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?” The Father who did not even spared His own Son just to give us our way of salvation, how much more the things we need? He’ll definitely give it to us through His Son! Indeed what love is this?

We have to always remember that God the Father and Creator of all things, has not spared Jesus, His Son, from death so that we will love through Him. If we think even for just one second that God is against us, think again! He even gave up His life just for us, thus He is for us. God is never against us, but instead He is for us. So, we really must not become so lax and familiar with the message of the Gospel because until now, we can still ask ourselves, what love is this? What love is this that He gave up His Son just for us? What love is this that He gave up His own life so we can have our life back through Him? Indeed, what kind of love is this? 

Therefore, we must have this confidence inside us that whatever we ask in the name of Jesus, God is faithful and just to give it. Paul even used the word, “graciously” for us to understand that all of the things we have, from our life down to the smallest thing we have is a grace of God. The sacrifice of Jesus that gave us eternal life through faith in Him is God’s grace and love in manifest. Indeed, nothing that we will ask that will not be given to us because again, God is for us and even His own Son, He has given Him to us. Thus, this just shows how much God loves us. Again, what love is this? 

No matter how many years we have heard of this truth, we should and can still ask what kind of love is this because it is indeed not understandable with our small minds. Our minds that only grasp the love that is conditional. It is very hard for us to understand the unconditional and sacrificial love that Jesus poured unto us. So, it still remains a mystery, amazing and profound. Indeed it is amazing love, amazing grace, amazing truth and amazing God! 

Now, as we know this truth that God is indeed for us that even His own Son, He did not spare for our sake, we must also understand that our salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ because of His grace. We must never forget that the death of Jesus Christ also brings us life. The sacrifice of our Lamb has become our life. Thus, we must not live our lives that still belong to our old self who only gratifies sin and flesh. Instead, we must live our lives with the new self God has given to us together with the crown of glory that we will receive once we are reunited with Him. God indeed loves us so much that He did not just die for us, but He has also changed us for our betterment, so what love is this?

Therefore, let us always remember this amazing truth about God and His love. May we not forget that He is indeed for us and that whatever we will ask in His name, He will grant this in His perfect time. He even gave up His life for us, thus, He will not selfishly not grant our prayers. He will always grant what we ask that is best for us. For indeed we are the reason that He gave up His life, that He suffered and that He was regarded also as a sinner together with the sinners even if He is not. Thus, we can really ask, what love is this? What love is this that Jesus gave up His life for us? What love is this?

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