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In Jesus’ Name – Colossians 3:17

If we assess ourselves and check ourselves, are we living our life right? Are we living our day-to-day life glorifying God? If God will catch us off guard, are we going to be ashamed of what we are doing? Or we will just be at peace because we are not doing anything bad? 

The whole chapter of Colossians three is all about Paul telling us things we shouldn’t do and things we should do. Yet this verse is the whole summarization— a nutshell of summarization of the whole chapter. 

We must always remember that in living our lives, we must always think about, “Would this glorify Jesus?” Because if not, we should not do it in the first place. God is reminding us that as people who are already a new creation and a born-again, we must do everything in the name of Jesus Christ. 

We then think that the only thing we will watch are our actions but no! In this verse, we are reminded also to do everything (in deed and in word!) according to and in the name of Jesus Christ. We should assess our routines, our actions and words if it is honoring Christ. We should apply this into our life and fully submit to God. 

Normally, we encounter many difficulties everyday and we tend to lash out and do things that cannot honor God. However, we must always remember that through this reminder, we must do everything in the name of Jesus and the only way to do this is to completely submit to Him. So if we encountered difficulties, instead of lashing out, we must submit everything to Him through prayers and petitions. We must offer our lives in total dependence to Jesus and through this we would be honoring our Father in heaven. 

As Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, and as people who believe in Him— we are crucified with Him and through our faith we can eternally join Him. We are identified in Him so whatever we do, may it be anything (even the most mundane thing we are doing) in deeds and words, we must do it all for the glory of God and in Jesus’ name. 

Let us not forget that we are Jesus’ living witnesses, we are witnesses of His grace and mercy, we are His ambassadors so we must live our lives in His name. Let us do everything in His name as we worship Him through our lives. 

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