Hidden Words – Psalm 119:11

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” – Psalm 119:11

Many times, we learn about everything that we do flows from our hearts. Our hearts are very treacherous and very dangerous. There are many times that because of it, we sin. We are very emotional beings, and most of the time we base our decisions and our actions on what our hearts say. Now, before we go to our verse today we have to look back at a few verses before today. The writer of this psalm wrote about a rhetorical question that says, “How can a young man stay in the path of purity?” It’s actually a question for everyone today. 

Indeed, how can a young man stay in the path of purity? The writer also gave an answer and that is to live according to the Word of God. Since we now know that living according to the Word of God, we will be able to stay on the path of purity. The path of purity is not even very easy to tread. It’s a very difficult path full of shortcuts that we think will just lead us to the same goal, but it actually will not. The path of purity requires us to really immerse ourselves in the Word of God. 

Thus, our verse today gives us a clearer view of what we are going to do to live according to the Word of God. The writer instantly changed the point of view to a first-person declaration that he has hidden the Word of God in his heart so that he will not sin. Now, this really shows that the path of purity means not sinning anymore. Although we know that it is impossible for us to stop sinning because we are living in this fallen world, having the Word of God in our hearts strengthens us and empowers us to not sin anymore. 

We must understand that this was written before Jesus was born, but now since we know that Jesus is the Word incarnate, we can say and declare just like the writer, “We have hidden Your Word in our hearts so that we might not sin against You.” This is also just the same as, “We have hidden Christ, given Him the key to our hearts and lives so that we might not sin against You.” Therefore, as people who are living in this fallen world, we must never forget to keep the Word of God, to keep Christ inside our hearts so that we will not sin against God. Christ will change us, as He has saved us from death and sin already. 

Thus, as much as our hearts are the most treacherous part of our body, it affects and influences our minds, our decisions, our actions, and our words if we keep feeding it with evil things. However, if we feed it with the Word of God, if we keep Christ in it, it will also be a changed heart. It will only spring up purity, righteousness, grace, love, faithfulness, and forgiveness. Therefore, we must keep the Word of God hidden in our hearts so that everything that will flow from it, that will be affecting our actions, our decisions and our words are all according to the Word of God and in complete obedience to His commands.

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