God Will Help Us – Isaiah 41:13

One night, on the way home, Grace was feeling nervous because it was her first time going home this late. It was already 11pm and it was very dark in the alley where she was walking. She looked at the sky and noticed that it was about to rain. She walked fast, almost running. On the end of the alley, is the hanging bridge that connects her street and the street she used to go home. Under the hanging bridge is a deep abyss. People say that there are wolves down there, waiting for their prey. Some say that it is a very deep water with strong current that if you’ll fall, your body will never be recovered. 

These different versions of theories about what’s in the end of the deep abyss has always been bothering Grace. Everytime she goes home, she will always get so paranoid and afraid to cross it. However, she did not have a choice, she had to cross it. She looked around and found no one to cross the bridge with. She sighed and put on a brave face because she knew she had to go home. Yet that night was different, there was a storm coming, strong winds were rocking the bridge back and forth which made Grace panic. She started crying as she tried to get a grip in the bridge’s rope to get her balance. For the moment there, she somehow accepted the fact that it was her last moment on earth. 

She could not delay it anymore, if she stayed on the other side and waited for the strong winds to calm, she would probably get hurt and even get raped because it has been five days in a row that there were girls being raped around 12 midnight. She would rather fall into the abyss than be molested. As she started walking on the bridge, her legs were shaking but she felt a hand hold her right hand. She looked at the person holding her and started to panic. She doesn’t know this guy! Her heart was racing and did not know what to do. However, for some reason, as the guy smiles, she somehow felt at ease and let him hold her. 

She knew deep down that he was far from a rapist but still, she doesn’t know him. Yet, it felt good to have someone to cross the bridge with especially on that kind of day. As they stepped out of the bridge and safely landed on the other side, the guy looked at her and said, “Didn’t I tell you? Do not be afraid for I will always help you Grace.”

Grace was so shocked because the guy knew her name. She just shrugged it off and ran home. As she entered their house, her mother welcomed her with a hug. “Oh Grace, I thought you were in trouble. I have been on my knees praying for your safety the whole night. Praise God!”

Praise God! As you read Grace’s story, you can see how God really initiates and will really do anything to help. Prayer works and everytime we pray, He hears our prayer. During these trial times, we sometimes think that we are alone and think that everything seemed so impossible. However, God wants to remind us that He is the Lord our God who will hold our right hand. He is always there to help us, so we don’t need to be afraid. 

We have our own fair share of strong winds that will really shake us and will frighten us to the point that we will give up. Yet again, God promised to always shield us and to always protect us from anything that can harm us. He will always help us. So, whenever we feel that we are alone, or we feel like we cannot get past anything because we are weak and afraid, we should always remember to find our strength in Christ. 

The verse today is a very committed and intimate promise. God is really showing us that we can depend on Him and that He is always ready to initiate an interaction with Him. He will really be there to hold us and to help us get past at anything. He will help us conquer our fears and become strong in Him through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

May we always be reminded by this verse every time we feel sad, alone, worried and depressed. We should always remember that He is our God the Lord who conquered death and defeated sin. May the protection, grace and love of the Lord be with us all. Amen.

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