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God our Potter – Isaiah 64:8

God created us in His own image. He built and formed us according to His own likeness. We cannot deny the fact that even if we are sinners and a fallen race, we are deeply rooted in God Almighty our Creator. Since from the beginning of time, we are already from God for He was the one who made us. 

On the other hand, though we are made in His likeness, we are sinful, rebellious, prideful and disobedient. We are God’s masterpiece, we were once good but because of our greed, we tarnished His masterpiece and our race has become a fallen race because of sin. 

However, God loves us so much and His mercy is never ending. He knew that we would fall so He made a perfect plan of salvation for us, since from the beginning of time. Indeed, He is our Potter and we are the clay. As a father loves and mold his children, He too will mold and shape us because He loves us so much. 

Isaiah declared that God is the  Potter and we are the clay, therefore we should be moldable and shapeable. Yet, how can we be moldable and shapeable? We are a distorted creation and we delight in disobedience, but clays should be obedient and submissive to the potter? So the first step to become moldable and shapeable is that we should always dwell, meditate and live in God’s Word. 

The Word of God is alive and active and it can really penetrate our soul and can carefully change us from inside. The renewing of our spiritual self should come first for God wants us to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Consequently, we have to immerse in God’s Word and carefully treasure everything we learn in our hearts. We must let the Holy Spirit speak in us through the Word and eventually, we will see changes for God’s Word will not go back empty. 

Next step is, we need to be centered in the wheel. For many reasons, as a potter shapes his clay, the clay should be at the center of the wheel to prevent future discrepancies and so he will be able to finish his work without it being destroyed. It is a matter of speed for the wheel to rotate and how the potter yields the clay. This too will be like us, we have to be in the center of the wheel which is in Christ Jesus. 

We have to center, align and focus our lives to the Perfecter of our faith. We have to use Jesus as our compass and let Him make our path straight. After all, through Him we can be saved and He wants us to follow His steps and live in His likeness. The moment He died on the cross for us, He already clothed us with His perfect righteousness. Therefore, let us be at the center of the wheel for it will be the One who will carry and straighten our future. 

Moreover, as we follow all these steps, we will then see ourselves soft and humbled by Him. Instead of all the ugly traits we had, we will now develop a new habit which is complete submission and dependence to God. As we develop this, we will be able to let God, our Potter, to mold us and shape us into vessels He can use for His kingdom. 

The clay and the potter’s relationship should be directly proportional and therefore, there should be an understanding between them about who is incharge. So, as Isaiah declares, God is our Potter and we are the clay, we must understand that God should be incharge in our lives. As we immerse deeply in His Word and let Jesus be our center, God will surely be able to mold and shape us into the people He wants us to be. 

Together with this privilege of being God’s clay, He also offers us His grace, mercy and love. What more can we ask for? We can never need more than this. Indeed His love and grace is already enough. So, may we always remember to let God mold us and shape us. 

We must not disobey and stray away from the design God already made us to be. May we always remember that He is our Potter, therefore He is incharge of us. We must willingly submit to Him and let Him yield us. May the good Lord use us for his kingdom as He continues to mold us everyday with His word and with the love, forgiveness and grace Jesus has shown in us. Amen.

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