God Knows – Psalm 139:23

“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.” – Psalm 139:2

Erika and Stella have been best friends since kindergarten. They have known each other for life. Both of them grew together and succeeded in life together. Erika is now a famous model in Europe while Stella is a famous designer— Erika’s designer. Stella’s designs are the most famous fashion line in the fashion industry because of its uniqueness and also the popularity of Erika made it more beautiful. So, one Talk Show invited both of them for an interview. 

The host asked so many questions to the both of them and they answered all of them right away. Erika and Stella smiled successfully to each other knowing that they have passed the interview with flying colors because of how close they are. So, before the interview ends, Erika confidently said, “You know what, I’ve known Stella for my whole life. I think there is nothing that I don’t know about her. I know her from head to toe.” With that, everyone applauded, smiled and cheered for them. The people present on the show wished them more years together and that they will remain best friends forever. 

After the show, both of them went home, kissed each other good night. Now, as soon as Stella closed her doors, she instantly broke down and cried. She was bawling her eyes out because during the whole time she was just holding herself from breaking down. Indeed Erika knows everything about her. All the trivial facts but she does not know that she’s suffering from depression. She does not have the courage to tell Erika about that because she has her life all set-up and dolled-up. Stella figured that Erika does not need any drama from her best friend. 


There are indeed many moments in our lives that we thought we knew people so well. We have our own best friends that we share our secrets. There are friends to whom we tell our problems. However, there is always a limit. One can never know everything about another person. Even our best friends don’t even know our deepest secrets that we are trying to bury deep inside our closets. 

In connection with this, we are reminded of our verse today that indeed there are hidden secrets in our hearts and we have thoughts that are trying to overwhelm us. Just like David, he prayed this prayer to acknowledge God that He is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. If there is someone who knows us perfectly, that is God. Not our best friends, not our family, not our close friends and not our churchmates. It is God that knows us and that can unlock every secret we have hidden deep inside our hearts. 

Thus, David asked God to search his heart so God will know how sinful and corrupted his heart is. David wants God to know him by his heart so that he doesn’t have to act self-righteous because he knows that he is also sinful. Just like Erika and Stella, all of those are only a facade to fool the people that are watching them, but we can never fool God. He will search our hearts and know our innermost secrets. David also mentioned to God that He should test him and know his anxious thoughts. 

Indeed we have our own fair shares of anxiousness. We all have things that can make us anxious. Aside from our sinful hearts, we also have anxious minds. We are restless and all we could do is sin and sin. The desire we have in our hearts is only to gratify our flesh and nothing more. So, we must always assess ourselves and remember that Christ has died for us already. He has made us new and has given us new self. However, we are still living in this sinful world so we are still tempted and we still have hidden desires in our hearts. 

So, may we also ask God to search our hearts and that whatever He may find inside it, may He cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Also, let us ask God to test our thoughts and calm our anxious minds. We should not be afraid to ask God for help to defeat our sinful nature because He knows that we are struggling. May we not become like Erika and Stella who’s relationship looks perfect outside but deep inside it is decaying. May our relationship with God remain strong because it has already been restored through the death of Jesus Christ. 

Let us talk to God always and approach Him through His Word. We should not imitate Stella who chose to hide her pain and struggle but we should be like David who willingly asked God to search his heart. May our restless thoughts become peaceful thoughts that only glorify God. To Him all glory and honor and praise. In Jesus’ name, amen!

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