God Can Turn Cruel Situations to Good Ones – Genesis 50:20

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” – Genesis 50:20

“Our disappointments are God’s appointments.” – Unknown

This exact sentence can be the conclusion of Joseph’s whole life and struggles. He was betrayed by his brothers, was planned to be murdered, and was eventually sold out for a price to become a slave for someone rich. Imagine how he must have felt when his own brothers betrayed him and even tried to murder him. We already feel bad if our siblings will not invite us over for a party or for a dinner, how much more if we are betrayed and planned to be murdered? Disappointment, pain, anxiety, and loneliness must have clouded his mind the whole time. 

His disappearance not only caused him pain but it also caused his father great pain. We can never imagine losing a sibling or a son. There’s this famous saying that says, “Children should bury their parents, not parents burying their kids,” that clearly shows that our parents expect to die before us, not us to die before them. That must’ve been what Jacob felt when he lost Joseph at his early age. We can never imagine the pain he felt when his son died and not even a piece of bone was left. Thus, both parties were affected by this situation but nothing beats what Joseph was feeling at that time. 

However, that cruel happening and suffering were turned by God into His appointment and into a beautiful story. Instead of abandoning Joseph on his own, God used the opportunity to bless the future. Joseph became a governor and through him having that position, he was able to save his family and his tribe from the great famine. Without him as an official in Egypt, Jacob and the whole tribe would’ve died because of lack of food. Throughout his life, he was able to help his family and the siblings who betrayed him. He showed them forgiveness and grace at the same time. 

Indeed God can turn cruel situations into the most beautiful situations. Joseph’s life was one of those examples to the point that Joseph was able to declare to his brothers that they may have intended to harm him, but he knew that God intended it for good to accomplish what He willed to happen and that was to save many lives. Thus this also shows that Joseph never saw his situation as a punishment or as persecution but he remained joyful with his situation. He saw what God was planning to do with his life and he was thankful for it. He was happy for the outcome that although he suffered severe pain, he knew that God remained faithful in his life and has sustained him throughout those alone years. 

The life of Joseph is one of the big examples of how God can turn ugly situations into good situations. However, we also know that Jesus is the biggest example of this. We intend to harm Him also, we flogged Him, rejected Him, denied Him, mocked Him, and insulted Him but God intended His suffering for good. God planned this so that all of the people will be saved through Him. Just like Joseph, Jesus suffered things that He did not deserve. He was holy, He was existentially good, He was wonderful, He was gracious, He was sinless but still He suffered all of the pain that a sinner must suffer so we will not suffer for it anymore. 

Jesus Christ willingly offered His life for us all so that we will have eternal life with Him. We will no longer suffer the wrath of God and we are now given a new life through Him. It was all because of His grace that we are saved through faith. It is indeed not our work. Therefore, we can really see that God is a miracle worker. He turns our disappointment into His appointment to show grace and mercy to everyone. God turns our sufferings into blessings in the future. So, whatever we are suffering for right now, always remember that God intended that for good. 

Although our own decisions have brought us into those horrible situations, God will not just watch us screw up and get beaten by the enemy. Instead, God will use our screw-ups to help us grow and to use them in the future as our blessings. Thus, all of our sufferings are just stepping stones to the great things God has prepared for us. Indeed that God has prepared wonderful things for those people who love Him and were called out for His purpose.

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