Give Thanks to the Lord Always – 1 Chronicles 16:34

Today is another day and again, we have been given another day to celebrate God’s greatness in our lives. Most of the time we appreciate God’s grace every morning, the moment we wake up and say our prayer but have we also thanked God every end of the day? Or in the middle of the day? — in an honest answer, we only remember God every time we need something from Him. 

Most of the time we start our day without talking to God, spend our lunch without talking to God and end our day without talking to God because of our busy day. We fail to see God’s mercy in our lives everyday and His blessings. We fail to see His deliverance and protection throughout the day because we are so consumed of our surroundings. 

However, we should always thank the Lord because He is good and His love endures forever. We may be spending our day without thinking about God’s love, but God is always thinking about us. His love endures forever and He is very faithful to us. 

During the times we fail to see God’s work in our lives, He never stopped loving us. He is a great and good God and His love is deeper than the ocean. For all the time we spent being so busy, God is also so busy delivering us from harm. For all the time we spent sinning, God is busy saving us from it. 

When we cannot even say ‘thank you’, God is still faithful and is giving us grace every day. He is so good that He sent Jesus Christ so we will be able to wake up everyday without the fear of dying because we know that we are saved. God is so great that He took all our sufferings and hanged on the cross for us. 

His love endures forever because until now, the power of salvation is still very available for us to take if we only believe that Jesus rose from the dead. God is so good that even if we spend our entire day without thanking Him— He remains in love with us. 

So next time, we must always thank God for He is so good in our lives and that His love endures forever. We must not forget to say ‘thank you’ every morning for He has granted us another day; every middle of the day because He has been sustaining us; and every end of the day for all the deliverance and for being with us the whole day.

Therefore, we must always thank Him every second of our day and be grateful for He is good. His love endures forever and that He even defeated death for us. His love endures forever for He has redeemed us and saved us from our sins. 

Thank the Lord because even if we don’t deserve His love— He remains steadfast.

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