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Full Obedience – Genesis 6:22

The text is all about Noah and many of us are familiar with this already. Despite its familiarity, we can see more of its beauty—the goodness of God. From creation to Adam to Noah, the population on earth is increasing and the Lord saw the wickedness seeing that His creation became so wicked. However, the Lord found Noah—a righteous man. When God commanded Noah to build an ark, He did everything just as God commanded him. Noah has many reasons to question God why He needs to build an ark. He might have questioned God, “Am I able to do it considering my age?”, “Is it really necessary?”, but he didn’t. There are no complaints and no doubts about him. Rather, He did EVERYTHING God has commanded him. This is full obedience.

Noah was one of the characters in the Bible being included in the Great Hall of Faith found in Hebrews 11 and indeed, “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” The moment God commanded Noah to build an ark, people may see that it doesn’t make sense. And to us Christians, people may laugh at us and persecute us for obeying God’s word, but by faith, we know that God’s blessings will be upon us and He will surely reward us in full. In the life of Noah, there are many lessons God wants us to learn. God may have also called us to where we are right now and we might question if we are qualified and capable to do things, but same as Noah, God wants our full obedience. Even after the flood, Noah burnt offerings and sacrifices to God as a form of thanksgiving. Such faith! 

In our lives, we may see that everything doesn’t make sense already but God is always good. He is the One who lifts us up from the flood waters giving us the hope that we are in one ark with Him. Let’s continue to persevere more in faith and do everything with full obedience to what God has commanded us to do.

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