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Fulfilled Desires – Psalm 20:4

“May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” – Psalm 20:4

We all know that after death is judgment. It is already impossible for us to pray for our dead family and relatives to go to heaven or for them to be saved once they’re dead because again after death is judgment (Hebrews 9:27). Now, first of all, prayer is indeed powerful. When we pray for our family, friends, and relatives to be saved, we cannot pray that they will go to heaven. We can pray for them that they will know Christ so they can be saved. After all, the only way to our salvation is in Christ alone. So, we can pray for them that God will set their ways to Him so that they will know Christ. 

Also, we can pray for their well-being. God will not encourage us to pray for one another if it’s not effective. So, it is true that as we pray for one another, we are also caring, loving, and looking out for them. Now, our verse today is such a very wonderful and loving verse. It’s a prayer of David for the people that may God give them the desires of their heart and make their plans succeed. This verse also is for us people in this present time. Most of the time we are all so occupied with focusing on making our plans succeed that we forget about God. 

This is actually a prayer, but also a reminder for us all. David carefully mentioned in his prayer that may HE give us the desires of our hearts and make our plans succeed. He mentioned that God will be the one to give the desires of our hearts, and He is the one who will make our plans successful. It is not us who will grant the desires of our hearts, but it is God. It’s God alone who will also make our plans succeed. Now, the crucial part of this is that for God to make our plans succeed, we must know that we must first align our plans to God. 

He is the God who loves us and even came into the world to save us from our sins. However, we must understand that as we desire to be saved, we have to have Jesus Christ in our hearts. Not just have Him, but really make Him the owner of our lives. In connection with this, as we let Christ dwell in us, our plans will be then aligned to God’s Will, and without doubt, He will make our plans succeed. Thus, this prayer does not just simply mean for us to have a good life but the bottom point of this prayer is to align us to the God of plans and success. The bottom point of this prayer is to pray for all the people that they will seek God’s Will and plans for them. 

Therefore, as people of God and as people who know that this prayer of David is for us Christians, we must understand that we are really dependent on God. Our desires, our plans will be fulfilled without a doubt if we are aligned with the Will of God. Let us let Christ dwell in us richly. We must not just make Him as a visitor who only comes and goes when we want. But let us give Him the keys to our life and body so that everything we desire and everything we plan is according to His beautiful design.

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