Faith in Action: Young Disciples’ Collaborative Outreach in Medellin

Young Disciples South American missionaries evangelized together with local ministries at the University of Antioquia and its surroundings. They came together demonstrating that despite different approaches, they belong to one body in Christ, thus unite approaches and vision to carry out a strategic plan to be developed in universities.

The University of Antioquia is one of the most important universities in the city of Medellin, with a significant number of students currently enrolled. The missionaries were stationed in different areas, including the Faculty of Engineering, Central Campus, Library, and Faculty of Law.

Several students were interviewed, asking them if they believed in God when they first encountered Him and how their careers could make a difference in today’s world. The students showed great interest and very specific responses in the various interviews. Several of them shared their contacts so that the leaders could communicate briefly with them and establish an important connection.

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