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Faith Comes from the Word – Romans 10:17

“Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.” – Romans 10:17

As we learned about the biblical definition of faith the other day, today, we will dig deeper about where it came from. We all know already that even our faith did not come from ourselves but it is the gift of God. Faith does not come from us but it is the grace of God that He has given us faith so that we will be able to place our faith in Jesus, our salvation. Also, as God placed faith in us, we have to also learn how God and through what way He was able to plant faith inside us and how He increases it. 

Our verse today answers that question which is that Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans that faith comes from hearing and hearing the Word of God. As we can observe, Paul did not just stop in, “Faith comes from hearing the Word of God”, but he continued to add another “hearing” word to emphasize what he means. Faith does not just come from hearing the Word of God one time basis. Well, of course we can never limit the power of God but what Paul meant by this is that faith and the increasing of our faith comes from hearing and hearing. 

It does not just stop in the one time hearing but it is consistent and consequently. We have to understand that the faith we have in Christ does not come from ourselves but it is the power and gift of God. Which clearly means that the only way to know Christ and to know that He is our Savior is through the revealed knowledge of God, through His Word. Thus, as we get to know more Christ through the Holy Scriptures, our faith will then grow. After all, Christ is the Word that became flesh. So, the only way for us to truly know Christ and to have faith in Him is the consequent reading, meditating and hearing His Word. 

As Christians, we are also ought to know the importance of immersing ourselves in the Word of God. We can never claim that we have Christ in us or that we have faith in Christ if we don’t have a personal relationship with Him through the Holy Scriptures. Again, Christ is the Word that became flesh. Thus, immersing ourselves in the Word means we are immersing ourselves to the characteristics, qualities and lifestyle of Christ. Therefore, we are now obeying what God wants us to do, plus by doing this, we are opening ourselves to God so that He will be able to increase and strengthen our faith in Him. 

Indeed that faith comes from hearing and hearing the Word of God. It is through the non-stop hearing about the good news of Christ that He came to the world to save us from our sins. So, if we continue to hear, to learn, to study, and to read the Word about Christ, we are letting the Holy Spirit strengthen our faith in Christ and letting Him open our eyes to the salvation that we will have if we believe in Jesus. 

May we always put this truth in our minds and remember that faith does not come from miracles or extraordinary phenomena but it comes from the moment we open our Bible and consequently study it. Let us open ourselves to God and let Him minister in us through the Word. We should remember to not let the Word of God depart from our minds, hearts and mouth. Instead, we should always meditate on it day and night because it is the exercise of our faith and only through faith in Jesus because of grace we can only be saved. 

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