Expanding Koinonia: YD South America’s Visionary University Outreach

YD South America coordinated and participated in the organization of a semester-end closure for the year 2023 at the Javeriana University located in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. Around 100 young students from different careers and universities attended this significant event. The organization Cru, which extended the invitation to YD South America to take part and collaborate in the event, also played a key role.

The leaders explained the work of the fellowship within universities, extending an invitation to students who wish to join this great fraternity. The fellowship is working to be a pioneer and to expand the importance of Koinonia to other fellowship as well.

YD South America aims for high-impact evangelization, working together to continue expanding. YD and Cru are organizing a schedule of activities for the end of the year and the first semester of 2024.

“We pray that God continues to open doors and place people with a great willingness for His work,” said Osnaldo who was giving the presentation.

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