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Engraved in God’s Palms – Isaiah 49:16

If someone we love tattooed our name in any parts of their body, we feel very special and loved. When they are very ready to put a remembrance of you in their body so they will remember you always is a very sweet and heart-melting gesture. In this millennial generation, we have always asked for actions to prove someone’s love for us. In the course of time, our definition of sweet and loving has been evolving but it is truly God who showed us the right way. This is one of the sweetest and most loving verses of all time. 

The preceding verse was talking about Zion proclaiming that God has forsaken her but God replied with a nice comparison about a mother who will never forget about her children. Thus, it is just like Him, He will never forget us. After giving that comparison, God then said that He has engraved us in His palm. Indeed, it is a very loving and a sweet verse. 

In this verse, God wants to remind us whenever we feel like He was not there, He wants us to remember that He will never forget us. We may think that God is just like us, we tend to forget about someone and even if that someone is special to us. However, God is not like us! Over the course of time, from old testament and new testament, He has been thinking and has been remembering us always. 

Even at the moment of His death, Jesus remembered us and asked God the Father to forgive us. Therefore, it is very important for us to know that God will never forsake and forget us. He has always been here and He promised us that He had us engraved in His palms. What more actions do we need to prove His love? We need nothing more!

If tattooing our names and anything that symbolizes us in the skin of our loved ones meant so much for us, how much more when God has engraved us in His palm where He can always see and always remember us? Indeed, it is more than what we deserve and it is the best love we can receive. 

God is not a shallow God, He does not say things and do the opposite. He is not like us. When He said that He will never forget us and that He had engraved us in His palm, He made sure that He fulfilled this promise and comfort. It is through the death and the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that He made this possible. 

So, after the comforting words, God also said that our walls are ever before Him. Since He was referring and answering Zion’s plea in this chapter, we can still use and understand this as a message for us. These walls God is referring, are not to keep God away or out, it is the walls that are used to protect and shield us from the enemies. It is not for keeping God out but it is keeping our enemies out 

Therefore, this verse is not just a loving, sweet and comforting verse. It is also a promise verse where God promised to shield and protect us from our enemies. His love is far so much greater than we can ever fathom. So let us not be sad and feel bad everytime we feel that God is not near because He is always near. He even engraved us in His palm. Instead of doubting His presence, we must first assess ourselves: Is it God who left? Or is it us who walked away from Him?

So, may we always be comforted by these words and let God’s protection be ever in us. Let us always remember that God will never forget us. May we not become someone who doubts His nearness but be someone who always trusts His promise and His love for us. Indeed He is great and His love is great.

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