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Dead To Sin, Alive To God – Romans 6:11

Everytime we open our Bible, we are always reminded that Jesus has already saved us from our sins. He died for us and defeated death for us. He came to this world so we can go with Him in heaven. Jesus became our atoning sacrifice, our lamb being slain and put into the altar. He is the fulfillment of God’s promise since the beginning of time. 

However, this is not the only thing Jesus did for us. He did not just die for our sins, but He died to sin (though, He is sinless). The Bible said that it is through Adam that we are under the curse of sin, but through Christ we are redeemed from it. In Adam we are sinful by nature but through Christ we are free from this nature and gained new spirit because of His grace. 

It is very hard to understand what God meant by dying in sin and living with Christ, but God wants us to understand that through Him we will have a new life. For we have been imputed with sin from Adam, but in Christ we are perfectly clothed in His righteousness. Jesus identified with our sinfulness so we can be identified in His righteousness. 

We are indeed sinful and each of us thinks that we are the worst. Our flesh desires to sin and wants to rule our lives gratifying sin. We are the worst and it is very important for us to understand that we are punishable and deserving of the wrath of God. We are sinful by nature and our hearts’ deepest desires are to gratify our longing that only delights in sin. 

Therefore, it is very important that we understand that Jesus did not only die for our sins but He also died to sin. The victory over sin and death was not the only thing Jesus has won but He also won and restored human’s relationship with God. Jesus has severed us from the captivity of Adam’s hook of sin in us and has restored our relationship with the living God. 

Through Christ’s death, it has transferred us from Adam’s sinful race to Christ’s perfectly righteous and pure race. We are then identified in Christ and as we identify in Him, we are cut off from our association with the first creation (the old sinful nature), from the curse of law and everything that connected us with our sinful nature that has placed us under eternal condemnation. 

Moreover, we must always remember that we are already dead to sin and alive in Christ. Meaning our sinful nature has already died, we already disconnected from our life and connected to the life Christ has won for us. We died from our old selves and have been living in our new life that is granted by the grace of God. 

However, since we died to sin, it doesn’t mean that the desire to sin has already been removed. These desires will always crawl its way back in our new life. It will always try to overpower our life in Christ so that we will again live by it. But, Christ has also given us power and strength to resist it and flee from it. He has given us the Scriptures so we will be able to resist these urges and we can always be reminded that we are already in Him and Him in us. 

Therefore, may we always remember that we are already dead to sin and alive in Christ. We have already been also crucified with Christ and it is not us who live but Him. Let us not let our old self crawl its way back so we must meditate on His Word and use it as our compass. May we always thank the Lord for the grace He has shown in us. We must use this new life Christ has given to us for His glory and for the furtherance of His Kingdom.

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