Culmination of the Law – Romans 10:4

As we read and meditate on the Word of God, He will show us two points every time. It is the law and the Gospel. The law will definitely show us our sins and the Gospel will show us the grace of God made manifest. Both are very important for us to understand to study. 

Now, for or verse today, it talks about Jesus being the end of the law. What does God meant for this? It means that Jesus has stopped the law. Again, law shows us our sins and will remind us all the sins we have done against God. However, God wants us to understand that He has put a stop into the law and will not base His judgment on it. 

Before, the law was our basis and our guidelines so that we will know if we have gone too far or not. It definitely shows us our sins since it is the principles we should follow and based whether an action is right or wrong. Bad part is, breaking the law is equal to condemnation. It is just like breaking a nation law and so one is deserving to pay for his sins through being put into jail. 

Yet it is different in our spiritual aspect, breaking God’s law is equal to eternal condemnation. It is equal to suffering the eternal death in hell which is completely a separation from God. Now, who is not guilty of breaking at least one law? No one! Therefore we deserve eternal condemnation. 

However, the Word of God is also showing us the Gospel. It talks about how God is so gracious and merciful. It shows us another way to live our lives. If we live our lives according to law, then we are cursed and condemned (Galatians 3:10) because no one can fulfill all of it without breaking at least one. And God said that anyone who breaks one of the commandments is guilty of breaking them all (James 2:10).

So, God wants us to know that He offers us a great deal. He is offering us something we can never reject. He wants us to understand that as law points out our sins, the gospel points us to the Savior. We are deserving of an eternal condemnation but Jesus took all of it because He loves us so much. 

Therefore, the law points us to sin and also points us to the perfect righteousness of Christ that we can never fulfill by our own strength and doings. God wants us to understand that by our own works will never make us righteous and good doers. He wants us to understand that we can never do anything to save ourselves. 

Indeed, breaking the law brings condemnation to our race but Jesus brings salvation to our race through His sacrifice on the cross. Thus, He is the end of the law and the start of salvation. He has ended the cycle of sin and has brought us salvation personally. So, as the law shows us our sins and will end up showing us our condemnation, now, God changed that and made as the law shows us our sins and points us more to the Savior. 

Truly, our deeds are futile and are like filthy rags for we are really sinful and that we deserve condemnation. Yet, Jesus Christ is perfect and sinless. He has already paid the price and redeemed us from the slavery of death and sin. 

May we always remember that instead of basing our works in the law and trying our best to be a righteous person, we just have to put our faith in Jesus Christ and believe that He has saved us from our sins and won the fight against sin. May we not forget to always thank Him and live our new life as righteous, holy and pure like Jesus Christ.

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