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Cry to God – Psalm 130:2

“Lord, hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.” – Psalm 130:2

Many times we are branded as people who are desperate. Although it is true that we are desperate of almost everything, we hate it when someone will rub it in our face. We hate the fact that we cannot control the situation we are in. Hate is not even the right word, but loathe. We loathe it every time we need to ask for help because our egos cannot take it. Whatever happens, we just don’t like to ask for help but we know deep down inside us that we need it so much. 

One of the beauties in a Christian life is that we are able to overcome this filthy part of ourselves. We are now ushered into the life of openness and the idea that it is okay to ask for help. Living a life full of ego and pride is not what a Christian aims to do anymore. Instead, it is a life of full dependence to God and an everyday acknowledgement that we are in need of God’s help, mercy and grace. Now, our verse today is both a prayer to God and an acknowledgement that indeed we need Him in our lives. 

If by any chance, we hate asking help from someone, we ought to shed this bad habit in front of God and start being dependent on Him. The writer of this psalm represents all Christians struggles and cries for help. We always feel that we are drowning. The feeling of drowning is not even the feeling of drowning in an ocean but it is the feeling of drowning into the ocean of our sins. We know that it is wrong and we are living a double-life that is why we feel like drowning. It is very hard, very exhausting and very painful to live our lives believing that we are Christians but continues to love sin.

Again, the beauty of it is that we know this and we know that we need help from God. We are hurting inside because we know that Jesus Christ died for us and that every time we sin again, we are crucifying Him again. However, we are just losers. We are always defeated and we are fighting our inner battles alone which is very wrong. The most important fact that we need to know is that we will never win our battle against sin if we are fighting alone. We need to have Jesus Christ to fight for us, we need Him to be our fighter so that we will be called victors in Him. 

Therefore, our Psalm today reminds us that it is okay to ask for help and that we are always in need of God’s help. We should always have this prayer inside our hearts and let us declare it with our mouth that we need God more than anything. God’s grace and mercy is all we need and we are crying for it. We are begging for it because we need it everyday. His grace and mercy is needed everyday for we sin and fall short everyday. We are very sinful and we are drowning in the ocean of our sins. 

May God hear our prayer and stretch His arms to us so that we will not drown. Let us continue to be dependent on Him because it is Him that we need. We should always remember to declare that we need God and we should never be afraid to ask for help. Let us take away the pride and egos and we should educate ourselves that it is okay not to be okay. Jesus Christ even came to the world to save us because we are not okay. Now, we have the power to be okay but still, it is okay not to be okay. However, we should always remember to ask God for help and to cry to Him. Let us be dependent on Him for it is true that we need Him. 

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