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Conquerors in Christ – Romans 8:37

For the past verses of this verse, Paul listed lots of challenges and troubles we will be facing and we are facing. Some of it is very gruesome and very hard. Paul strategically catalogs all of these so we can understand that we are not alone in this and that we are really going to undergo these things. However, He also proclaimed that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. 

This is why he wrote that we are more than conquerors. In every situation, no matter the circumstances we are facing, we are victors and conquers of Christ and in Christ because of His great love for us. Jesus Christ has given us overflowing love for us to be called victors of any trouble. He has clothed us with His love and mercy so we can beat all of these sufferings this cruel world can give. 

Therefore, we should rejoice in this declaration and glorify Him with our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits. This is a great reminder for us that we should really abide in Him because He abides in us. Our faith being put in Him will make it stronger, unshakeable and long-lasting. Through our faith in Him, we will be able to face each challenge with an assurance of winning. 

We should hold on to this principle that as long as we abide in Jesus, our faith will grow, will strengthen; our trust will be amplified and our hope will expand even during the inevitable disasters that will flood in our lives. 

Our victory in every circumstance has nothing to do with our strength, with our capabilities nor with our intellect. If it were because of these, we would have been overwhelmed and our wings would’ve been clipped. We would eventually and instantly fail if we fight these with our strength, capabilities and intellect. Therefore, let us remember that we are victors and conquerors because of Christ and His love. 

We are undefeated and overcomers because He has made us like these. He already overcame all of these for us and we get to say that we are victors for we are in Him and He in us. However, when we say we are victors, this does not mean that we will not have troubles and challenges anymore. Again, Paul listed all of those challenges for us to remember that even if we are victors already, we will still continue to face these challenges. 

The good news is, we have the assurance that we will win. In fact, we cannot be called victors without the battle. We cannot be called winners without any duel. Thus, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. After all, we have already conquered sin and death through the death of Jesus Christ so we must rejoice and be glad in it. 

May we always remember that no matter what hardships we are facing right now, we are going to win. Jesus made us conquerors and victors from all of these so rest assured that we will be able to get past through this and we will be able to overcome these in Christ Jesus our Lord. Let us be reminded that in every situation we must rejoice, may it be bad or good for the Lord who is faithful and just is with us. Let us rejoice for we are more than conquerors and that God loves us so much that He died for us.

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