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Citizens of Heaven – Philippians 3:20

In a sports summit, we can realize that our world is full of different people. Almost all of the countries in the world participate in this and send their representatives with the hope of bringing the greatest title for their country. 

This also reminds us Christians that we are like these representatives. We are God’s representatives and our citizenship is in heaven. This world is only temporary so we must not dwell on its glory but we must do everything for the glory of God. 

Our loyalty is on another coil which is in heaven. We should not confuse this temporary world to the everlasting life we can have in Jesus Christ. We should be watchful in everything we do and not be deceived by this world we offer because we know that these are all temporary. 

We are Christians so instead of setting our happiness, joy and satisfaction into this world (which we know that this world can only do harm), we should fix our eyes on Jesus as we wait for His coming. Again, we are all God’s representatives and ambassadors so we should live our lives honoring our Lord and all our conversation and actions should reflect the righteousness of Jesus for which we are clothed and covered. 

Our eternal life and home are a gift from God. We can never do anything that can make us worthy of it because it is God who made us worthy of it. We should hold on to the promise of God that one day we will leave this sinful world and go to the real place where our citizenship is. This is only made possible through our faith in Jesus and believing that He came to this world to die for our sins which through this we gained our citizenship in heaven. 

So, as Christians, we should always remember not to dwell in this sinful world but hold on to the faith and fix our eyes on Jesus. May we live our lives as people who already are saved and people who are a new creation. We must always remember that our actions and words should be heavenly for we have a heavenly inheritance and a promise that was made possible by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on the cross two thousand years ago. 

Let us not live as people who are blinded by the lies that this world can offer but we must live our lives as people who are just passing through this mortal coil and who think ahead of what God has promised to us. 

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