Christ Died for the Ungodly – Romans 5:6

“You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.” – Romans 5:6

We have never really understood how the perfect timing of God really works. Most of the time we are dumbfounded why our prayers five years ago are now being answered just today. God could have answered it the moment we prayed for it or even at least within the year. It is very hard for us to see the bigger picture and the bigger reason why God answers our prayers in His time. We thought that the moment we prayed for it, it was also the very time we needed it the most. 

However, we have to understand that God works at the best time. He has His best time and He has prepared greater things for us. Just like how He saved us, in His best time He has chosen when to save us. So, when was the best and perfect time God saved us? Well, Paul has answered this question already— the perfect time God saved us is when we were still helpless. God did not wait for us to be good, He did not wait for us to wake up one day and realize that we are bad. He already saved us the moment we were still helpless. 

Indeed that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). When we are still sinning, helpless, wicked, weak or powerless, God has saved us already. He already died for us and has offered us forgiveness. It is indeed the perfect time because it would be so impossible for us to just wake up one day and realize that we are bad. Given how corrupt our minds and hearts, we will always desire evil. We will never see that we are wrong, it is the pride of life that is keeping us from seeing how awful our race is. 

Now, as the Holy Week starts we are now reminded about how much Jesus Christ suffered for all of us. We are reminded that He had to humble Himself, that even if He is God and that He is the treasure of heaven, He chose to come to the world to save us. Also, we need to understand that all of these are all because of His love, His grace and mercy. We have no contribution, it is all the work of Christ. 

Jesus Christ died for the ungodly, although He knew that we are not deserving of this, He still remained faithful and loving to us. Thus, it is also the perfect time because if God waited for us to be good to save us, first, it would be impossible. Second, we will just see it as something that we deserve because we are good, which is entirely wrong. So, the moment we are thinking of fornication, we are sexually desiring other people, when we are murdering our enemies in our minds, God knows all of it. Yet, despite all of this, He chose to save us. Indeed that there is no greater love than this. 

It is not when we confess our sins that God then chose to save us, it is that because He knows all of this that He chose to save us. There is really no greater love than this and we are really nothing without Him. Therefore, may we always remember that we have no contribution to our salvation. Let us put in our minds that Christ died for the ungodly, He died for us when we were still helpless and powerless. Thus, let us live our lives as people who are saved already and as people who understand God’s grace. We must live our lives full of gratitude towards God for indeed all glory and honor and power belongs to Him alone.

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