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Caught-up but Restored – Galatians 6:1

“Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted.” – Galatians 6:1

As we read our verse today, we will find three truths in it. Before we start reflecting on this, we should reflect on these questions: When we become Christians, are we expected not to sin anymore? Are we expected to always be able to say no to sin all the time? If we will sin, does that mean that we are no longer Christians anymore? The more ministries we have, does it mean that we are matured in faith and we are above others? — With all these questions, we will be able to reflect what it really means when we became Christians. Some people said that it is all flowers and rainbows and many people also claim that it is all nails and thorns. 

So, our verse today answers those questions which summed up to three truths about our lives as Christians. Paul carefully mentioned that if a Christian is caught up in sin, Christians who are living their lives led by the Spirit should restore that person gently. However, he also warns those who will restore to be careful not to be tempted too. With just this, we can already see the three truths that we will be focusing on today. 

First, to answer the question above, Christians can and do sin. Although, as we receive Christ as our Lord and Savior, we committed to resist temptation and to stop sinning. However, it doesn’t mean that we will not have those times that we will be caught off-guard by those sinful desires. That is also the reason why Paul carefully mentioned about Christians being caught up in sin because he knows that even if we are already in Christ, it will always be an unending battle between us and our old selves. So, we must always remember that even Christians sins and don’t be so hard on yourselves and instead, confess your sins to God and let Him forgive you. He is faithful and just and He will forgive you of your sins. 

Now, second is that since you are already a Christian and you still sinned, it doesn’t mean you are not a Christian anymore. With God’s sufficient grace, He will still forgive you. Nothing indeed can separate you from His love. However, you also have to remember that being caught up in sin will not lose your Christianity but deliberately sinning even if knowing that it will not glorify God, then that’s the moment you need to reassess yourself if you are still in Christ. God will never leave you but you are capable of leaving Him. So, everyday, you must always examine ourselves if we are still walking with Christ. 

Lastly, Paul encourages us that if we are caught up in sin, we are to ask for help to our fellow believers. Also, to us if we know some Christians that are caught up in sin, we must always remember to restore them into the life filled with the Spirit so that they will not lose their ways. However, we have to always humble ourselves so that we ourselves will not be tempted to sin also. Let us not think highly of ourselves but instead, we should always remember to dwell on Christ and as we restore our fellow Christian brothers and sisters, we have to pray for them and encourage them. 

Therefore, may we always remember to hold on to this truth and resist the temptation. Let us confess our sins and let us ask help from our brothers and sisters. We should help each other and pray for each other as we live our lives in Christ. Let us fight the good fight of faith and uphold the faith in Christ. 

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