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Born to Save and Bring Peace – Luke 2:11

“Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.” – Luke 2:11

On a normal day, without any special occasions. In a very real city without any special facilities and in a very humble place Jesus was born two thousand years ago. It was not a special day nor a day when people needed to celebrate. Shepherds were out in their usual place attending to their sheep and were sleepy because it was so late in the night. Ordinary people did ordinary things and nothing was really special on that day. However, the three wise men were really wise because they knew that it was the day the Messiah would come and they followed the star that eventually brought them to Bethlehem. Also, on the other hand, it was a very stressing and busy time for King Herod. He was busy finding the so called Ruler that will one day rule the Israelites. 

Indeed, two thousand years ago, the day when Jesus was born, it was just an ordinary day for everyone. It was the usual day and it was one of those boring nights. However, that midnight turned out to be different for the shepherds when choirs of angels appeared in front of them and told them about a Savior that will be born for them and He is the Messiah and Lord. It was the most unusual happening for them because they were just shepherds who were always up by that time to shield their sheeps from predators but it turned out to be their best night because of what they would be witnessing. 

Jesus was born that exact time and during that exact time, there was glory to God and peace to mankind. Jesus is the bringer of peace, of salvation and of love. He is God’s epitome of love. His birth has birthed hope, peace and love for our fallen race too. His birth is indeed joyous and worthy to celebrate. He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He deserves all of our praises and honor because only through Him we can have our salvation. Only through Him we can be saved and be reconciled to God. 

So why did the angels mention “peace to mankind”? It is because we can experience three different feelings of peace the moment Jesus came. It was first and foremost the peace with God. Jesus was the only way and the only reason why we can have peace with God because He is God Himself. His birth which will then be resulted in His death is the instrument of our reconciliation with God. We are far from God and our relationship with Him was broken the moment we let sin enter the world. We are God’s enemies, but through Christ, we have peace with Him and we are reconciled back to Him. 

The second peace is within ourselves. Our personal peace. The anxiety when it comes to thinking that we will be sent to hell and suffer eternal condemnation there, is such a great dilemma. No matter what we will do, we will continue to sin and our nature will always crave for sin. We can never do anything to have our salvation. We can never acquire our salvation, not even if we do good. However, when Jesus came, He also has given us peace inside. Peace amidst our anxieties, depression and raging horrible thoughts. We are at peace because we can then know that our salvation cannot be done and acquired by us, but only through Him. Peace within us because we know that He is always there for us and that He came to seek and save the lost. 

The third peace is the peace with other people around us. Once we are reconciled with God and have peace with ourselves, we are then very healthy to serve the people around us. We will then have peace with anyone and we will then only desire to bring them the message of salvation. Having peace with the people around us brings out the real and true meaning of Christmas. 

Therefore, when Jesus was born, it was indeed joyous and deserving of the biggest celebration. The Savior who is the Lord of all has come to the world to save us from our sins. He came as a baby and He was born in a manger which is a no place for kings, but still, He was delivered there. Indeed He humbled Himself and dwelt among us. We never deserve this kind of grace and we never deserve this kind of love but He gave it anyway. Jesus is indeed the greatest gift of all. 

May it be a normal day for other people but for us, it is the biggest day for it is the day our Savior was born. It is the day that our God has come to the world to be with us, not to be served but to serve. He came to save us; He came to become our atoning sacrifice; He came to shed his blood so that we will be imputed with His righteousness and purity so that once we will stand in front of the Father, He will see Jesus, instead of us. He is indeed our mediator and our peace. He is the epitome of God’s love for mankind. 

May on this day of Christmas we remember how much God loved us. May we see and give thanks to God for coming to the world just to save our irresponsible and sinful selves. Let us always remember the great things He has done for us and for fulfilling His promise to us. We should never forget to thank Him and to bless His holy name. We should always reflect His love towards others so that they may see Jesus in our lives and they will know about His love. 

Indeed, today, in the town of David, a Savior will be born for us. He is the Messiah and the Lord. May it be two thousand years ago, but Jesus can still be born again now, here in our lives. Will you let Him enter and become your Savior? 

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