Be Strong and Courageous – 1 Corinthians 16:13

This might be the third or the fourth reflection about being strong and courageous in the Lord. However, it is still very important to be reminded about being strong everyday. Again, one of the nicest trivia about the Bible is that it mentioned “do not be afraid” 365 times so it is not bad to be reminded of it everyday. 

In a normal life, people who encourage us to be strong and to just continue fighting are already encouraging itself. How much more if these encouraging words come from God? How much more if we are personally encouraged by God?

These very words are written by Paul to the Corinthians. It is to remind them to be strong and to continue to hold on to their faith. Paul wants to tell them to be strong and act like men. To not compromise their faith and make sure to do everything in love. 

So like the Corinthians, God wants to remind us all that no matter how hard our situation is, we just have to be strong and courageous. He wants us to stay on guard always. If God is reminding us everyday to stand on guard and be on faith, it is because He knows that our enemy is also working 24/7 to snatch us away. 

Be always reminded that not because we are already Christians, we are already strong and that we won’t face any challenges. God promised to be with us always and to strengthen us to face every battle, He did not say that we won’t face any. So, as long as we are living in this world, our battles are unending but one thing is for sure, our God has our backs!

However, as we fight our battles daily with Him, there is a promise that we can hold on so we won’t be afraid. There is a battle that is already won and that is the battle against death and sin. This battle has been already won by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So as we face and continue to live our lives, we must be at peace and not fear death already because Jesus won the battle against death. 

May we always remember to remain in faith and stand firm because the devil is working 24/7 to take us away from the truth. Let us be strong and courageous for we will be tested and challenged everyday, so let us hold onto His promise. Let us stop being afraid and continue to hold on to the faith we profess. 

We are called to be brave and strong in our Christian walk. We are not to compromise the faith we profess, instead we must proclaim our faith with diligence and cling to the Lord our Savior. He is our Rock and our Salvation and only through Him we are born again. Let us be strong and courageous for we are in Him and He in us.

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