Leave Everything You Have and Enter the Kingdom of God


It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. -Mark 10:25

Leave Everything You Have and Enter the Kingdom of God

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At an early age, we were taught by our parents that this life requires success for happiness and that success often comes through the acquisition of wealth. Wealth is not always evil, it is even useful to buy our needs, but when someone gains a lot of wealth and their daily lives become focused on maintaining that wealth and subsequently how to gain more, forgetting about God, that is evil. That "eye of a needle" was a narrow mountain pass of which it was difficult for a camel to go through, yes the way to everlasting life is narrow, not everyone can pass through it. The rich man so often is blind to his spiritual poverty because he is proud of his accomplishments and has contented himself with his wealth.

As we think that the comfort, peace of mind and the joy we need only circles around money, Jesus suggests something, it may be hard, especially for a rich person who has deeply ingrained habits of trusting his wealth but it is surely beneficial. Jesus says that to follow him means giving up everything else we might trust to get us through life. God's Spirit awakens us to the Good News, the sell-everything mentality that's impossible under the willpower method becomes possible because our heart changes. We get carried away by the greatness of Jesus' love, and the rich will likely to humble themselves before God as a camel is to crawl through the eye of a needle.



Of what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom? -Proverbs 17:16

Pursue Godly Wisdom

You can buy a child the best opportunity of an education, or invest in the expense of a private Christian education; however, you cannot buy wisdom. A rich but foolish man may spend billions of his money to attain and buy wisdom but he will not grasp one because he has no sense. Money without wisdom is worthless, it will not be put to good use and will soon evaporate in the hands of one who is foolish. God has no use for fools, no matter how well they pretend. Wisdom is most precious, and God is offended by those who talk about it but will not pay for it. He will expose and punish pretenders that play games about wisdom.

Rather than pursuing riches or fame, let's pursue godly wisdom and the other things will take care of themselves. If we do not know God, and if you do not know God and honor Him. Real seekers of wisdom pay the price. They will invest energy and time for it, like a mining company seeking treasure. Have a good heart, acknowledgement God, be hungry for Him and for His Word and have wisdom.



"God sent his Son into the world. God did not send his Son to judge the world guilty. God sent his Son so that the world could be saved through his Son." - John 3:17

God sent Jesus in the World, Be Saved through Him

The world stands under the shadow of destruction. God didn't send Jesus into the world in order to condemn it, but rather in order for the world to be saved through him. God's love is surprising, all encompassing, unasked for and undeserved is given unconditionally. God is the Creator, the Life-giver, and the Joy-bringer. The goal of his holiness is not destruction, but redemption. The goal of his righteousness is not anger, but salvation. We are encouraged then to walk in the light, since God is the light, abiding in His commandments.

The application of this verse in everyday reality: If there is somebody in your church in need, be moved to help them, that's what laying down your life is all about! Christian love requires giving up some of the goods we think we need when we come up against someone who is truly needy. We should be willing to lay down our lives for each other. Be able and willing to sacrifice material advantage for the sake of our brother, and know that love of God is in us.