He that is living in sin does not know Jesus

He who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's Work. -1 John 3:8

He That Is Living In Sin Does Not Know Jesus.

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The person who continues to live a life caught up in sin is of the devil. He that is living in sin does not know Jesus. This should serve as a warning to all those who are living in sin, while still claiming to be saved. Some people practice sin like the devil practices sin-that is, they intentionally make it a settled habit. If we profess to have fellowship with God and walk in darkness, we lie. If we profess not to have any sin, we deceive ourselves. But let us be reminded that no one who practices sin as a lifestyle like the devil does is born of God. If we profess that we know Him, we will be keeping His commandments.

As believers we all still have various degrees of sin because of our weakness of the flesh but God looks at us by the blood of Jesus, the person of Christ who took our place. It's as if we were bound by sin's chains, but Jesus freed us. He destroys the works of the devil by delivering us from the power of the devil, and giving us His new nature. He came to pay the penalty for sin that we justly deserved. He will give help as we seek to lay aside our struggles with sin and empower us to live for Him in unwavering loyalty.


The prospect of the righteous is joy, but the hopes of the wicked come to nothing. -Proverbs 10:28

The Righteous Shall Not Be Cut Off

Every man has desires and plans for the future, but only the righteous man will realize blessings and prosperity. The wicked ones think they will live forever, they think they will leave a perpetual legacy behind them. But they are quickly cut off, are forgotten by all and rot in the grave. The man who chooses sin will be destroyed. When we are pleasing Satan the Devil and obeying his will, we will only end up being disappointed and frustrated.

When we seek righteousness, justice, holiness, mercy, and godliness, our future will be full of joy. The righteous one is guided by godly fear and tries to please God by his thoughts, words, and deeds. In return, God cares for him and fulfils his righteous expectations. The man who obeys God has a bright future. When we are living by godly standards and continue obeying God we can expect being rewarded. Don't let the darkness around us steal away the glorious dawn of joy that even now has begun to appear. We live with the certain promise of eternal life.  Our hope is the gladness of heaven, and the reality will far exceed anything we can imagine here.


Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another - and all the more as you see the Day approaching. -Hebrews 10:25

True Fellowship

In today's passage, God commands us not to miss the worship services of the church. It is a divine command to all who live at this threshold period known as the Time of the End. Going to church for most folks just isn't very attractive and doing things for others isn't seen as something necessary. But as the prophesied period gets nearer, we are all in need the encouragement that will provoke all people throughout the earth to practice an attitude of love to each other. This encouragement can be found on the church.

The Holy Spirit's message, however, reminds us that we need to go to be with God's people because they need us - to encourage and to motivate them. Assembling with other members at Church services demonstrates our love to God and to our neighbor. We can bless them through our words, attitude, and influence as we join together to honor God and encourage each other. The Lord would prefer us to think of it as "being" church rather than "going" to church. As we do what He instructs us to do, we can show to others how we care enough for them to assemble and have fellowship with them.