What is the Great Commission? | R. C. Sproul

In this book, Dr. R.C. Sproul explores the Great Commission by laying out the biblical basis for missions, defining the gospel and evangelism, and addressing the need to mobilize Christian believers for missions.

The Sermon on the Mount | John Sott

John R. W. Stott (1921-2011) has been known worldwide as a preacher, evangelist and communicator of Scripture. For many years he served as rector of All Souls Church in London, where he carried out an effective urban pastoral ministry.

The Beatitudes | C. H. Spurgeon

Some of the most comforting words a Christian could possibly hear from God are, "I want to bless you." In the Sermon on the Mount, Christ told us that we can come to Him as we are-in need, mourning, oppressed, or hungering-and He will bless us.

Knowing God I J. I. Packer

Beautifully designed in quality bonded leather, each God's Light gift book gives God's Word on one of life's most important topics. Treasured verses from the NIV Bible are arranged in an easy-to-use format that will speak to the Christian and the seeker.