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True Freedom – Romans 8:2

“because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.” – Romans 8:2

The other day, our verse started with the word “but” to implicate two opposite things. Now, our verse today starts with the word “because” to join two separate things but the same thoughts. So, as we can read in our verse today, we can see how blessed we are. We don’t even have the capacity to comprehend it but we must at least know that we are loved and that God has favored us so great. 

It has been a week since we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, His victory over sin and death. Then, it is just right for us to be reminded of the truth about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ again. His death was not only to save us and to make us His children but it was also to free us from the law of sin and death. Since Adam and Eve disobeyed God and let sin enter God’s perfect creation, we are also put on subject to the law. 

The law is nothing but condemnation and punishment because it shows us our sins. It is so harsh because it is really pointing us to the sins we committed. However, the good news of our verse today reminds us that we are free from it already. We are free and not under its dominion anymore. Through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit lives in us already who restores us, refreshes us and replenishes us. We are now set free by the Spirit through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ by faith because of grace. 

One thing is so great about this Gospel message is that it is not just some good proverbs posted in our doors or good quotes we can see in a car sticker but it is actually true and real. This promise of God and this declaration of freedom from sin and death is very much real. More real than you waking up early in the morning, or as real as how the heat of the sun makes you feel every sunrise. Therefore, this is not a mere promise or declaration of a nation but it is a declaration of God that we are already saved. 

God has declared and made us holy through Jesus Christ our Lord so that sin and death will not hold us anymore. Thus, let us hold on to this fact that because of Christ, we have now the Spirit that gives us freedom from sin and death. We are no longer subject to condemnation but under grace. Nothing indeed can separate us from His love anymore, we are loved, forgiven, saved and taken cared of. May God our Lord strengthen us and remind us of this truth everyday so we may be encouraged to live our lives full of gratitude and glorifying our Father in heaven.

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