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Iron Sharpens Iron – Proverbs 27:17

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

We have heard that men should not be alone many times. One quote that really sticks to us is this: “No man is an island”. This quote is very popular and we have heard about this many times. Our principles revolve around this especially in times of being alone. We often comfort ourselves that one day we will find someone that will be with us through ups and downs. 

Now, on our verse today, it is somewhat similar to that popular verse but holds depth in its words. As Iron sharpens iron, so does man sharpens another. What does this mean? What does this proverb have to do with our life right now? Why does this matter so much? Why is this important in a Christian life? Will this make us walk better in the path that God wants us to follow? How come a metaphor of two irons can be equated as a life lesson? 

Well, the answer will always be yes. Again, no man is an island and everyone needs another person in their life to encourage, to uplift, to correct and to rebuke them. So, in a Christian perspective, our verse today wants us to understand the importance of having a fellowship with other believers. It is very important for us Christians that we should always spend time with our fellow believers for it takes an iron to sharpen iron. Which means that a relationship should be two-way not only a one-way connection. As the other Christians sharpen you, you are also sharpening them. 

This verse also backs up what Paul said in one of his letters that we must build a loving and growing relationship with others. With that, we can be able to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. So, will this be a great help in our Christian walk? Absolutely yes! Having fellowship with other believers, having accountability and a relationship that is rooted in Christ, will be a very big help to our spiritual growth. 

Having accountability does not only mean that you check up on those people from time to time but it is caring for them and for their spiritual growth in the Lord. Therefore, if we have that kind of person in our lives, we will always be reminded about the things that God has commanded us to do and we will always be rebuked for the things that we are doing wrong. Indeed that we will always be in need of those persons so that we will be challenged more and we will grow more in God’s likeness. 

Furthermore, it is true that we need all these Christians in our lives to correct us and to always guide us in the right path. However, it is also necessary for us to understand that we also need the Word of God. We will truly grow in the likeness of Christ if we immerse ourselves with the Word. To become a good example to other believers and to become a good iron who sharpens another, one must first have their personal relationship with Christ through meditating in the Word and having devotion. One must first establish their long-lasting relationship with Christ so that one can bless others also. 

Therefore, as iron indeed sharpens, so one person sharpens another person. We can only be sharpened and can only grow if we grow together with one another. If we take up each other’s burden and encourage one another to continue their race in the Lord. We must always remember that our focus is heavenward and that our real prize is waiting for us. Thus, we must not give up meeting each other, encouraging one another, praying for each other, correcting and rebuking one another for it is our way to grow. Let us not stop meditating on the Word and strengthening our relationship with Christ. 

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